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We offer a range of workshops delivered by our team of specially trained staff.

Our workshops are a great way to start or continue your journey towards better health and wellbeing.

Booking must be made in advance, either at reception or by calling 752168.

Weightlifting Workshops

We offer speciality small group training workshops, which provide you with the tools and confidence to weight train.

Our ‘Lifting Workshops’ will educate you in how to weight train properly and safely, and how to use resistance training to build functional strength.

We provide a supportive atmosphere to help people feel confident that they are weight training with excellent technique, and our sessions will help boost your overall confidence in the gym.

‘Lifting for Ladies’ Workshop
6-session course

Next course: TBC

‘Strength Training’ Workshop
6-session course

Next course: TBC

£60 per 6-session course

Please book at reception, or call 752168.



Have you ever been interested in Meditation but thought it might be ‘too difficult’ or a bit ‘mysterious’?

More people than ever are now learning about a process of quieting and bringing clarity to the mind.

Benefits include stability of the nervous system, sharper memory, resilience to stress and improved immunity.

Over a six-week course we explain some different techniques, that anyone can do – so you can find one to suit you.

Introduction to Meditation

6-session course

Next course: TBC

£30 (members) and £60 (non-members) per 6-session course

Please book at reception, or call 752168.

A very well organised course – good teaching, clear instructions, exercises well built up for strength and stamina, so that in the end (and to think of it, already at the beginning), I could do exercises I’ve never been able to do. And very enjoyable. Thank you very much.


I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this and how confident it has made me feel. I never would have done weights in a gym without it being an intro class for ‘ladies that lift’. I have absolutely loved it.