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Special Care Session

At West Wight Sports and Community Centre we are proud to have our longest standing special care session. The benefits of swimming and exercise in water is well documented and this session may assist those needing to continue a water exercise programme, assist recovering from trauma, illness or assist to maintain mobility with a progressive condition. It is an opportunity to progress skills, socialise and/or relax with the support of the water.

Our lifeguards and swimming instructor work together to provide additional assistance if and when you may need it in this session. Our lifeguards have been trained in disability awareness.  Our teacher in the water is a swimming instructor with a clinical background in disability and neurological conditions. It is a quieter session with the addition of extra water equipment to aim to help you stay as fit and healthy as possible. If you are unsure of your requirements, please feel free to contact our staff at the centre before you attend your first session.

Our Special Care swim session is one of longest standing sessions and is unique to us. It’s in the main pool only but we raise the temperature of the pool to make it  more comfortable for older and/or less mobile people. We have extra staff on hand to help you get in and out of the water should you need it and where possible we also provide assistance in the water (please let us know before you come if you think you might want some extra help). It’s a very friendly session and newcomers are very welcome.


Wednesdays 12.00-13.00



I swam 400 metres this morning. That’s ten times further than I can comfortably walk. My swim stamina has gradually improved in the special care sessions. I am so grateful. Thanks. The facility for the physically challenged of us to exercise securely in water, with the in-pool presence of a clinician and experienced swim tutor is an absolute joy. Its’s given me the sense of …well…of being ABLE again.


If you can use these thoughts to get whoever to continue to fund the sessions.. I’m happy


I swam in the resort pool on holiday…first time time getting happily down the steps, the lifeguard must’ve called for assistance and wanted to help. There were five other brits in the pool. I cleared it within five  minutes. All this made me feel a bit of a weirdo, unintentionally hurtful. WWSCC treats everyone as human, great. Especially your “wobbly swim”!