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Aqua Mobility

Aqua Mobility is a gentle exercise session run by Stephanie Hickman, an experienced Aquacise instructor.

It involves aquatic exercises performed in water for relaxation, fitness, physical rehabilitation, endurance, resistance using the water, and mobilisation.

Aqua Mobility is great for people with mobility issues as the water supports the joints, allowing you to get stronger without putting yourself at risk of injury, as well as helping recover from injury.

This class is specifically designed for people who suffer arthritis, osteoporosis, stroke rehabilitation, back pain, joint replacements and poor mobility.

Over a period of time, water exercise can lead to a reduction in blood pressure and resting heart rate.

Classes in the pool are also great for your mental health. This is largely thanks to the relaxing nature of the exercises, and the natural positive effect that all exercise has on mental wellness.

  • Performed in our heated pool
  • Participants do not have to be able to swim
  • Booking is advisable
  • Classes run during term time only
  • Monday class is in the small pool, Wednesday class is in the main pool



£6 to non members

Included in Diamond Class and Diamond Plus memberships