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The Rebuild Service – Improve Your Strength

We deliver the IDEAL solution to your pain problem through the Rebuild Service. It will help you live life to the fullest by improving your strength and building resilience. Not only does it help with current issues, but it also reduces your chances of having future issues.

The Rebuild Service is delivered in partnership with The Rebuild Coach, Tom Colwill.

How ‘The Rebuild Service’ Works

We offer a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss your issue(s) and determine how we can assist you directly. During the consultation, we will present the available package options and help you select the most suitable one. Following that, you will participate in an assessment session and have your initial 1-2-1 with your Rebuild coach.

What’s Included in ‘The Rebuild Service’

  • A thorough assessment process.
  • 3, 6 or 9 x 1-2-1 sessions with a coach.
  • A personalised programme via an app.
  • Direct communication with a coach outside of the gym setting.
  • Access to our fully-equipped gym.

Packages start from £115

Please contact Aidan on 752168 or at for more information.

Meet your Rebuild coaches here.

Rebuild strength exercise

What our clients are saying:

I broke the bones of both my lower leg and my knee joint last year. I received follow-up physiotherapy on the NHS, but was still not able to return to my previous life style and activities. Realising that I needed both expertise and guidance to rebuild my leg, I enrolled in Shannon’s Rebuild program. Shannon showed me which specific exercises to use to both build up the strength, and regain the range of movement of the knee. As a result, it is remarkable how much motion in the knee I have regained after working these past few months with Shannon. I have a lifestyle back that I thought I might never have and am so pleased with the results. I have no hesitation in recommending the Rebuild program in general, and Shannon in particular, to anyone who needs to recover after a serious injury.

Carol Stanley

Having been a keen walker, I slipped on house stairs in October 2021. Leg pain meant that I could not walk or stand for longer than ten minutes. Ten months later after many x-rays and various treatments, I was no better. I had lost confidence and thought I would be permanently house bound.

A health professional suggested the Rebuild Service with Shannon and it is difficult to overestimate the difference this has made to me.

Shannon is extremely knowledgeable, patient and focussed with a good sense of humour which makes the sessions a pleasure. She diagnoses the issues and designs a programme of personal exercise which she then adapts on a regular basis resulting in continuous but careful improvement.

I have been delighted by the results and like others, I cannot recommend Rebuild highly enough.


Since undertaking my Rebuild Programme with Shannon my overall strength and fitness have improved dramatically. I am now able to perform exercises that I would never have attempted on my own.

I had never attended a gym before and I came to Shannon with a Sciatica problem and reduced mobility.

After my initial assessment, Shannon took me through a very gradual Rebuild Programme as my strength and confidence improved.

Shannon is very patient and willing to share her expert knowledge and answer any questions I come up with. Her dedication to helping people is commendable and her sessions are always fun and encouraging whilst she continues to mix up the training.

I am now a person who looks forward to my training sessions and that is all down to Shannon and the lovely, supportive atmosphere at the gym.

I highly recommend the Rebuild Programme.


I have just completed my Rebuild Programme with Shannon.

Throughout our contacts, from the moment my assessment started, through the specific exercise workouts, and the weekly reviews, Shannon focused completely on me, and my exercise needs. In the review sessions Shannon checked my progress, and fine-tuned the exercises in line with my developing strength. I recorded my workout sessions in the Online App and Shannon always came back with specific help and guidance for me.

I now feel more confident about my exercise techniques and my physical goals.

The Rebuild Programme with Shannon has given me direction and confidence to continue to maintain and improve my strength.

Thank You


At 78 I had a problem with lower back weakness and pain, and was recommended the Rebuild Programme by a health professional.

I chose the six week programme, and was initially assessed very thoroughly before starting the first of six supervised sessions. The level of exertion was gradually increased as I improved, and after six weeks instances of back pain were greatly reduced. I would encourage anyone of any age to sign up to ‘Rebuild’ on a well-structured course run by very helpful and knowledgeable staff.


After several years of knee and hip pain I was recommended by my chiropractor to do the Rebuild programme with Shannon.

With Shannon’s patience and with varied and managable exercises I now walk tall and straight, manage my joint pains and feel much healthier.


I have suffered with back and chronic pain for many years. Shannon’s tailored 1-2-1 rebuild programme has significantly helped me to become stronger, better manage my chronic pain and I now enjoy being more active.

I would highly recommend the rebuild programme. The help, encouragement and advice that I have received from Shannon has been invaluable.


Rebuild strength exercise
Rebuild strength exercise