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Community Connector

Just a reminder to those of you that know our Community Connector, Adam Tucker (and an introduction for those of you that don’t); Adam is still working during this time.

Normally he would be out and about supporting community members who are isolated to get more involved in the community and to explore ways to help them achieve their idea of a good life. At the present time he is at the West Wight Coronavirus Support Hub several days a week and working remotely for the others.

He is making contact with people who may need phone support, or help and advice on a range of issues including how to address income / benefit issues. Where people have the available technology, he is also making video calls.

Adam is a Foodbank voucher holder for those that might need them. He is offering support to those who may be struggling emotionally; volunteers can get in touch with him (or be put in touch with him via the Hub) if they have any concerns about a person they might be helping that needs additional emotional support. He is also able to connect people with additional mental health support if they need it.

In addition, Adam will be sharing important information on this page so why not bookmark this page for future reference?


Adam can be contacted via:

07498496719 (phone, text and WhatsApp)

Community Connector Facebook page.

Food parcels for the extremely medically vulnerable


you will need your NHS number to register

 If you need it, you’ll be able to:

  • get a weekly box of basic supplies
  • get priority for supermarket deliveries
  • ask for help meeting your basic care needs

If you get food parcels by no longer need them:


Follow the registration process again but choose yes on the question that asks:

“Do you have a way of getting essential supplies delivered at the moment?”

 It can take several weeks for deliveries to stop.

If you do not need your food parcel, you can ask the driver to take it to the

West Wight Coronavirus Support Hub or call the hub on 01983 752 168 and we can arrange for a volunteer to collect it.