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About the West Wight Sports and Community Centre Swimming Pools

boy snorkelling in the small swimming poolThe main pool measures 25 metres long, by 13 metres wide (which is the standard size for most public pools). The difference being that ours is 3 metres deep, meaning that we are not only the deepest pool on the Island, but the only one with two diving board facilities!

The shallow end is just 1 metre deep, with full disabled persons’ access (with stairs and a hoist, which can take a wheelchair for lowering and raising people into and out of the pool). It is a perfect place to train, or just have a relaxing swim with a friend and catch up on what’s happening.

The small pool is ideal for young children and beginner swimmers and is also used for hydrotherapy. It is 0.8 metres deep all over, and measures 12 metres by 4.75 metres. Again, it offers full access for all abilities, with steps and a hoist for the less-abled people. There are toys for the younger children to play with, which encourages development in the water.

We have a variety of swimming sessions, from the noisy fun hours, to the more peaceful adult only sessions (with lane swimming, public swimming, accompanied children, swimming lessons, canoeing, and Waterfit sessions all finding their way into the timetable!)

Both swimming pools are available for private hire, and come with lifeguards. So whether you want to hold a party, swimming gala, training camp, sub-aqua group or anything else, contact us for further details.

The pools are open every day of the week and we offer swimming lessons, exercise classes and many other water based activities. We have FUN HOURS in the pool every Saturday between 1am and 12noon and Sunday between 4pm to 5pm and on weekday mornings in school holidays.

A little note on the history of The West Wight Swimming Pools

Our swimming club built the pools.  A unique achievement that we are very proud of and one that earned us the national accolade of Community Project of The Year in the 2013 Amateur Swimming Association awards.

You can read all about the history of the Sports and Community Centre including the building of the pool by clicking here.

Each year we organise a Cross Solent sponsored swim. This gives people the chance to achieve something amazing by swimming from the Mainland to the Isle of Wight, and being part of an incredible community event that also raises funds for the Charity that runs West Wight Sports and Community Centre.

The main swimming pool

25m Main Swimming Pool