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Parkinson’s Disease Course

This 10 week Parkinson’s Disease Course of Exercise is run by instructors Aidan and Emily. They have both completed PD Warrior training. This provided them with information around specific exercises and the science behind Parkinson’s Disease.

The Course benefits

The aim is to help those who have been diagnosed however the more recent the diagnosis the better. Although, this does not mean you cannot participate if your diagnosis is not recent. This short but intensive programme has been shown to help slow the progression of the disease.

There are many benefits of these exercises. Firstly, being able to do everyday tasks with more confidence such as reach into cupboards or roll over in bed. Improvements in symptoms such as tremor, shuffling, quiet speaking as well as gaining more balance, co-ordination, better mobility. Changes in mood and sleeping better can be possible due to an increase in the amount and intensity of the exercises during the sessions.

This Parkinson’s Disease course of exercise not only has physical benefits to the participants but a chance to socialise with other who may have similar daily struggles. Talking with others can help with feelings of loneliness which may come with a diagnosis.

Course details

This course runs every Wednesday for 10 weeks, starting on 15th May 2024. The sessions are at 14.00 for 1 hour and the total cost for 10 weeks is £60. We accept Parkinson’s Isle of Wight vouchers as part or full payment.

To book a place please phone 725168 or pop in to Reception and speak to one of our team. Places are limited.

If you have any questions of would like any more details please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.