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Have you ever been interested in Meditation but thought it might be ‘too difficult’ or a bit ‘mysterious’?
More people than ever are now learning about a process of quieting and bringing clarity to the mind.
We are launching our next ‘Introduction to Meditation’ Workshop, which will take place every Thursday 17.00-17.45 for six weeks, starting 6th April (£30 for members, £60 for non-members).

Benefits include stability of the nervous system, sharper memory, resilience to stress and improved immunity.

Over a six week course we explain some different techniques, that anyone can do – so you can find one to suit you!

  • Yoga Nidra – A guided Sivasana – A simple form of mindful meditation which is a voice led guided meditation. Suitable for anyone from absolute beginner to those accustomed to meditation.
  • Metta Meditation – A guided meditation based on the Buddhist practise of ‘Loving Kindness’.
  • Trataka – An introduction to meditation via gazing
  • Japa Meditation – A simple technique that involves the repetition of a mantra internally.
  • Pranayame techniques – An add-on to all the other classes, simple breathing techniques that can enhance your personal meditation practice.
  • Vedic Meditation – Your key to your own on-going meditation practice. Suitable for those who have attended at least 3 of the other modules, or are accustomed to meditation already. Vedic meditation is essentially similar to Transcendental Meditation. It is generally practised twice a day for 20 minutes at a time. In this class we will set up for a 20 minute session, and begin a ‘meditation journal’, aiming to set up students for their own personal practice.
      For more information, email or to book, call us on 752168. Payment for the full course must be taken at time of booking.