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Spare time is shared time! timebank

Give an hour… get an hour….

Could you do with a hand sometimes?

Would you like to help out in our community and make new friends?

If the answer is yes, then West Wight Timebank is for you!


What is Timebanking

Timebanking is a way of linking up the skills and needs of the community. For every hour you put in, you get a one hour time credit which you can ‘spend’ by asking for the help you need in return. You can also give the credits to another person who needs help or you can save them.  Your time credits will be banked on a computer for you to spend when you need them.  There is no regular commitment, just get involved when you want to  There is no cash involved, only time.

Who can join?

It is completely free to join and anyone can join and all are welcome.  Everyone’s time is valued equally.  The Timebank exists to strengthen our communities to offer.

How do I join?

Tel: 07872 304294