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Today we said good bye to Ron Smith. Ron led the original team who built West Wight Swimming Pool, which has now become West Wight Sports & Community Centre. Ron was unique – a worker – dedicated, resilient, determined and single minded. He had one goal in life – that was to make the world a better place for the rest of us. He succeeded in doing this and the West Wight community can be eternally grateful and proud of what he achieved. WWSCC would not be here if it was not for Ron’s vision and hard work.
His legacy extends widely across the Island but particularly throughout the West Wight. He led the campaign to save Dimbola from demolition and set up the Julia Margaret Cameron Trust. He was part of the team that brought the Pop Festivals to the IW in 1968,69 and 70. He and his wife, Audrey are the only married couple to have ever been given the freedom of the parish of Totland.
Ron was ahead of his time – leading the way long before others – fighting for the environment and standing up for health and safety and workers rights. He did this whilst building his engineering business and becoming a major West Wight employer.
Ron is a West Wight legend. We owe him so much. RIP Ron Smith 1925 – 2019