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TWENTY-five people survivors of heart attacks and other heart conditions took part in an indoor rowing relay last month. Members of the Isle of Wight Heart Care Club raised £2,600 for our Extend Our Gym campaign.

The club meets at the centre every week for exercise classes, led by instructor Lyn Smith. After the gym has been extended and new equipment installed, the club will be able to use it. During the rowathon, class members took turns on two rowing machines, after warming up on stationary bikes.

Lyn said: “We chose to support the Extend Our Gym fund, because our club will benefit from using the bigger, better gym. “The centre is a great place, used by all ages for all sorts of activities and we have always enjoyed being there.”

Among the rowers was Richard Pragnell, 57, from Yarmouth, whose heart “crashed” in an ambulance in March this year. He has made an excellent recovery after surgery and now attends heart care sessions at the centre. Richard said: “Lyn is so encouraging and makes exercise fun. I was keen to take part in the rowathon to promote the heart care club and the sports and community centre, which is essential for the West Wight community. Once the gym has been extended, I will benefit personally, because I will use the gym during heart care classes.”

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