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Congratulations to our 25 AMAZING supporters who completed the 1.3 mile Solent Swim in choppy conditions today!
Windy weather meant the swim was postponed on Saturday and yesterday (Sunday).
The swimmers left Hurst Castle at 9.45am and Charlie Bagot was the first swimmer to arrive at Colwell Bay, 34 minutes later.
This was Charlie’s fifth Solent Swim and he has been first swimmer four times.
He said: “It was very rough in the middle section, which made it hard work.
“It’s good we were able to organise it for today, after the windy weather weather on Saturday and Sunday.”
Charlie said the event was always enjoyable, and he was pleased to support the work of the West Wight Sports & Community Centre.
Other swimmers included 78-year-old Megan Eggeling and Wendy Wheeler, who has incurable secondary cancer.
Freshwater Independent Lifeboat and a fleet of kayakers escorted the swimmers.
Official photographs will follow.