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Bright and breezy conditions made Sunday’s first Chessell Chase an exhilarating cross-country challenge for just over 50 athletes.

Organised by West Wight Sports and Community Centre (WWSCC), in partnership with Chessell Pottery Café and sponsored by Adrian’s Bike Shop, Freshwater. It started with a run from Chessell to Freshwater, followed by a bike ride back to Chessell. Both legs were around 5 miles. Entries could be solo athletes, of teams of runner plus cyclist. Competitors had to find their own off-road route. They were guided from Chessell along the road to the Shalcombe Manor footpath and made their way to Freshwater Golf Course and WWSCC. Once on their bikes, they followed signs to Freshwater Bay, where they joined the Tennyson Trail.

Clare Griffin, of WWSCC, said: “It was great to see lots of smiling faces coming over the finish line. The weather was lovely, sunny with a bit of wind. It was great to work in partnership with two other West Wight businesses.”

The first solo male was Ben Johnson with a time of 00:57:04 and the first solo female was Kelly Snow with a time of 01:14:21.

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